provenance: unknown


"Are you going to go to the thing?"

She was still lingering in the doorway. "I dunno. You?"


He looked up. "I thought you were tired of it."

"Yeah. Fred will be there."

"Oh. Does he really go to all of them? He must really like his wine in paper cups or something."

"He's a good friend."


She sat down on the floor. This time was different somehow. It was worse, but it didn't hurt as much.

"Look, I .... " She stopped. Eventually: "I don't know what to say."

He looked at her again. God she was beautiful.


"This feels different." She was staring, thoughtful. The doorway was still busted from trying to get the couch in. It was interesting to stare at.

He didn't know what to say, either. "Yeah." They both knew everything by now. "I .... " He choked on that word, but she had looked up. He couldn't believe how much he cared. He couldn't bear to see her face. All of a sudden it all seemed impossible. He looked away. His jaw hurt. He sat there.

Eventually he realized his leg was asleep. His eyes were wet; he wiped them. When he looked up, he saw she had left. God. He hadn't heard her leave.


Copyright ©2001 Matt Pfeffer


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