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Editing for the web

This section of this site is home to a couple resources that you may find helpful in writing and editing for the web. The web copy style guide describes some common online conventions; and the brief overview of the basic principles of web copywriting is just that.

If you are an independent web publisher or represent a nonprofit organization, you may also be interested in my free editing offer.

And if you like what you see here and think you might want to hire a web copy writer and editor specializing in clear, bright, effective web copy — the kinds of words that work — please don't hesitate to get in touch.

(I have over six years' experience writing and editing, four of them online, and have crafted and reviewed the web copy for everything from large corporate websites to bare-bones online merchant sites. Estimates are, as always, free, and if you're not sure how I might be able to help, I'd be glad to give you some ideas about how good web copy can help your website turn prospective customers into paying ones.)


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