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So I’m beginning to suspect deadlines for this little project of mine might be a bad thing. Basically because I don’t know enough to know how to set them. Deadlines are great when they force you to get something finished, but deadly when they make you produce work that doesn’t have value, just for the sake of meeting them. I’ve never tried this sort of thing before (basically what’s different is I want the individual posts to eventually make some sense as a collection, but I’m not even clear yet on what the collection will try to say), so I just don’t know how to even estimate how much time and work each post will require. So, until I figure some things out, no deadlines. I have some guesses as to when some things might be presentable, but I think I better not say.

(I know — so much talk, so little action. I’m working on it.…)

In the meantime, starting next week I will post regularly on Incremental. I had been meaning to do that anyway.

September 19, 2003 1:57 PM

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