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How not to handle lunacy

Paul Krugman dedicates his column in today's New York Times to attacking the notion that it's unpatriotic to campaign against a sitting president in a time of war. He makes a perfectly reasonable argument, and of course is right that questioning who one actually wants as a political leader is the essence of democracy.

But it's ludicrous that he wrote an entire column on it. The problem with political debate in this country isn't so much that politicians (almost inevitably Republican politicians, it seems) say such idiotic things — after all, a politician should be free to say whatever he or she damn well pleases, if he thinks it'll win him an election. No, the problem with such idiotic remarks is that people who should know better (almost inevitably Democrats and members of the "liberal" media, somehow) act as if it's right to take them seriously.

Bothering to dispute such propaganda lends it too much weight — the only proper public response is to laugh in its face.

April 8, 2003 3:35 PM

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