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The president blames the media for listening to him

So President Bush is unhappy with the American news media for creating "phony expectations," the Washington Post says an unnamed presidential advisor told them. Maybe there's some measure of how liberal the media is, overall — even our conservative president wishes it hadn't glossed so quickly over the inevitable costs of war.

If anything, the media seems to have done about as good a job as the president himself, in terms of setting expectations. (Which is a pretty damning indictment, if you think about it.)

March 28, 2003 1:52 PM

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matt, check out these quotes in Salon:
Gee, I wonder how people got the idea that this was gonna be a no-brainer? *sigh*

Posted by tizzie on March 29, 2003 9:24 PM

I saw these -- it's interesting, it seemed like this thing was said much more frequently than that. But what was even more significant in creating perceptions that this would be easy, I think, is that there was no discussion of how it might go, outside of a handful of vague, general statements Bush made in a couple speeches. The unquestioned presumption was that this would be just like the first Gulf War or Afghanistan; it wasn't even necessary to assert that it would work out that way. (Hopefully it will, of course.) If the White House thought otherwise, it was its responsibility to say so; otherwise, it was willfully complicit in a grand public deception.

Posted by M on March 30, 2003 3:38 PM

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