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We're not winning, George

In one sense, George Bush is right when he says of the war in Iraq, "We know its outcome," as he did yesterday in defending how the war has progressed so far (as today's Washington Post reported). We needn't fear that Saddam Hussein's regime will survive, no.

But we need more than that to "win" this war. We need to win relatively quickly, and with minimal losses of coalition forces or Iraqi civilians. And, in that respect, not only is the outcome very much in doubt, it doesn't look very good at all.

We seem to have lost the first battle — Iraqi fighters resisted a heavy onslaught of leaflets and rhetoric. We seem to have lost the second battle: The aerial bombardment of government and military structures in Baghdad and other cities has apparently failed to cripple the Iraqi forces. And the forces we've sent to fight the third battle — the battle on the ground — were allocated with at least partial victory in the previous two battles in mind. (Already, the advance on Baghdad has been delayed by the need to reinforce southern Iraq, as today's New York Times reports.)

I guess we'll see if our armed forces can somehow pull it off, despite what's looking more and more like gross miscalculation at the top.

March 26, 2003 2:28 PM

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They were saying in the start that it would be a few days, that they would use so many weapons, "shock and awe" them, and all of this.

Now the miliatry leaders and Bush are saying that this is going to be a long war....

Posted by Blaine on March 26, 2003 11:07 PM

I, too, agree -- there was a sizeable miscalc on how well the Iraqi militias would fight. Like the Imperial Brits in NAmerica, we didn't expect a covert war. Silly Americans.

Actually, Bush's FP team dictated to the Pentagon that this war last a max of a 100 days. By my count, we're at about day 8.

And, you know, the war hasn't really begun. I'll consider this a full-fledged, real war when we reach the bridges leading into Bagdhad. We're not there - yet.

When we're there, that's when the war spreads to your local mall, city centre, and the supermarket's imported fruit/veggie section.

To me, this whole fight between right-and-left begins at the two different notions: RIGHTWING: they got shit here, already, just waiting for the right hour to launch/spread it. LEFTWING: We're picking a fight with people who have let us be.

I, of course, agree with the RIGHTWING today (despite my good old Communist sympathies).

Can anyone stab a guess as to why al_Qaeda/Iraqi/Hizbullah cells havn't don't a thing thus far?

Mystery? No. Timetables and triggers, yes.
The justness of this war has yet to reveal its supporting facts.


Posted by rob adams on March 28, 2003 12:45 PM

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