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The media monkeys have surrendered, too

The Wall Street Journal reports that the media has employed "French-bashing" to sell papers and attract viewers. And there I was thinking that France being populated by "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" was a scientific claim.

If only that's all it were, though. The fact that French-bashing sells so well isn't exactly an encouraging sign, and the fact that media outlets are going out and selling it — and effectively advertising it — is worse. Chances are the same dynamic is at play in Europe, too: Anti-American sentiments are probably selling quite well there, and making anti-Americanism that much more popular at the same time.

It's yet another sickening element in a sad tale; this one sickening because this time we're doing it to ourselves. Why are we doing it? I guess we're taking our lead from our respective leaders (which of course only makes it even worse): George and Jack are just about the most selfish, childish, spiteful and absurdly self-destructive world leaders imaginable in this day and age. It's as if they think they're engaged in a wide-ranging, all-consuming pillow-fight (for the Championship of the World!); one gets the sense they could care less if they destroy half the living room so long as they get their proper shots in.

And apparently, the media will have a grand old time playing along with them. Are we all doomed just because they fail to realize that at the end of this fight, someone won't just go home crying?

February 19, 2003 5:00 PM

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i think that oversimplifies everything

Posted by Anonymous on February 28, 2003 6:23 PM

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