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Spin it, George!

It's just great to read about how the Bush administration doesn't feel any need to budget any money — not a red cent — to help Afghanistan rebuild after the United States bombed the hell Taliban out of it. Because now we know why Bush & Co. are so happy to go it alone against Iraq: Sure, the rest of the world would be indispensible in cleaning up afterwards, but since when do us tough guys need to worry about cleaning up? You can just see the post-war spin now: Hey, look over there! See that? North Korea's making nukes! Sorry, got to go!

Hell, maybe Bush actually wants a North Korea crisis. I mean, if he times all his crises just right, maybe he can set it up so he always has another one to deal with, and then maybe he won't have to answer any of those annoying little questions about how he handled the last one, or why more people in the world have grown to resent U.S. foreign policy, or why our allies hate us now, or why the economy is still suffering, or why his government hasn't actually done anything about terrorism besides issue false and misleading threat warnings.

February 14, 2003 1:40 PM

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