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(site update)

Some minor items of note:

  • My thanks to Kurt Echols for this site's third guest contribution, "A Husband's Colloquium", which has recently been added to the Fictions page (which of course I myself have been neglecting for some time; but I may polish something up for inclusion there at any moment, I never know....)
  • I've tinkered a little, you may have noticed, with the site's navigation. I've also cleaned up (I think — the character limits on description fields are optional, right?) the RSS feeds and added links to them, for those of you what like such things. Please let me know if anything breaks! (The RSS does validate (1.0/2.0) at the moment.)
  • You may also have noticed a third element now appearing on the right side of this page. It's inspired not so much by Mr. Anil Dash, whose own regularly updated sidebar links seem to have touched off a wave of followers, but by one Neale Talbot, whose "Mini-Wetlog" has been around forever.

I hope to update the links on the side frequently, and use them to point to various entertaining or notable items on the web that I have but little to say about. I also hope to use them to be a little more neighborly, as it were, toward other web publishers whose words I read and wish to acknowledge, but don't otherwise have anything all that interesting to say about. And no doubt other purposes will present themselves, as well.

February 10, 2003 11:47 AM


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