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Ken Pollack makes the rounds

So two weeks ago we had the New Yorker and Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo mirroring each other on North Korea. This week, it's Iraq — and not just Iraq, but Iraq expert Ken Pollack in particular, who is a subject of David Remnick's editorial in the "Talk of the Town" and the guest of honor in a lengthy TPM Q&A (of which only the first part has been posted, with part two expected sometime soon).

Pollack's take on Iraq is legitimately frightening, so much so that one almost doesn't notice his four separate uses of the hideously unnecessary construct, in point of fact, and can fairly say his remarks are worth reading anyway. (The blasted phrase doesn't appear in his New York Times opinion piece from this week, and hopefully his editors were kind enough to also keep it out of his book, which is apparently supposed to be quite good.)

Update (2/21): Pollack has another opinion piece in the Times today, and Josh Marshall just posted part two of his interview with him, too.

January 30, 2003 10:53 PM

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the hideously unnecessary construct, in point of fact

Ooh, yes! And when we're done with that one, can we please rid the written world of "at this point in time" and the even more appalling "at this point of time"?

Posted by senn on January 31, 2003 5:05 PM

ken pollack is the extreme wrestler. he will push his opponent (now Iraq) to the mat. And his strategy is uniquely his own: knee to the balls, (an illegal move) prononce them diseased, anyway.

Wrong, but sweet to the imperialist notions of the Bush Adminstration.
I am ashamed to know he was ever a part of the Clinton Administration. How did he sneak by?

Posted by maria victoria on April 5, 2003 1:59 PM

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