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Blogging for dollars

Poor Andrew Sullivan. He doesn't feel loved, he says; he needs more money. "You're the reason I'm writing this blog," he tells his readers — so why won't you give me some? And not just some money, more money: His "Tipping Point" page indicates he's already raised at least $23,000 in donations over $100. (And he doesn't feel loved?)

I was going to make fun of him, but then I realized, holy crap, I could live for years on $23,000, at the rate I'm spending money now. (Well, not quite. But almost. One must make certain sacrifices, being unemployed, you know.) And, heck, it is the Christmas season, isn't it? You know, the season for giving, and, therefore, begging?

So it is in the best spirit of the season, and inspired by only the highest-minded of ideals, that I say to you, dear reader, don't you love me? After all, I do all this just for you....

December 11, 2002 1:36 PM

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