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It was interesting to read the New York Times' report on Tuesday that a number of religious groups are "preparing a grass-roots campaign linking fuel efficiency to morality," as the Times put it.

I knew a fellow in college who was a devout environmentalist — he was a pagan, and I think the best interpretation of his religion is that he thought the environment was literally holy. He rather directly blamed Christianity for supplanting paganism and opening the door to the environmental destruction that followed, as I recall (mind you, I only once spoke to him, for what might have been two hours, when I happened to encounter him walking across campus; we went to the cafeteria and ate Ben & Jerry's but beyond that my memory may not be the most reliable).

The thing is, religions don't destroy — or preserve — environments; people do. Maybe religious leadership can be useful in educating people about how to take care of the planet.

November 21, 2002 5:36 PM

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