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When packing the car, remember that the first thing one needs upon arriving at one's new demesne (even if rented, and therefore not exactly one's own) is music. Pack, therefore, the means of musical broadcast first, even at the risk of precluding the initial transport of other "necessities."

(Don't worry about packing the computer; after all, you don't own one yet.)

November 14, 2002 4:58 PM


Hey, i just moved too, like this past weekend.

[1] It took me a week to clean up my new house enough for me to feel like it was santised enough for my own crap. I'm a clean freak (not organised one, but a clean one). But, knowing you've gone over every inch of the place somehow marks the place your own, and not the prior's owner.
[2] Moving is a great opportunity to throw away tons of little papers, marbles and other cat toys never used, bad books, clothes, and other useless temptations gathered in a capitalist society.
[3] Placing things in one giant pile of stuff in each respective room isn't a very wise method, especially when the pile's size starts to exceed the room's, making moving around slowly harder and harder.
[4] People move at nite because of neighbors (a lesson learned once, long ago, but somehow forgotten). "What's that?"
[5] If you assemble a large object (guest futon bed) in a room, don't lose the devices necessary for its disassmblement. This can, quite literally, lengthen the move-time by an hour or two.
[6] It's amazing how much pet fur (and, i guess, some of mine) gathers under floor-board-level radiatiors. I've already started cleaning my new radiators, 1 week into my new place.
[7] Cats love to run around a new place all night, around and around, separated by short 1 minute breaks to meow on your bed.
[8] Curtains, shades or other blinds are a must-have the first nite.


Posted by rob adams on November 15, 2002 7:47 AM

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