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Straight into winter

It's November and in the 30s — chilly for this time of year — and the leaves are still on the trees. Not all the leaves, nor all the trees, but many, maybe even most. In the forest you can still spot patches of verdant green; in the sun, they almost seem to glow.

It's a mystery, why the trees have held their leaves so long this year, but I'm not unsympathetic. I also feel like I missed a cue, like no one told me when fall was here. Where were those temperate days? And their cool (but comfortable!) nights, with endless skies? I'm sure leaves fall in warmer weather than this, because I know little kids are meant to play in them. We've been robbed and deceived, trees, kids and I; there'll be no proper fall this year. I want to shake my fist, but I feel like I should put gloves on first.

November 4, 2002 10:58 AM

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