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How it's done

Telephone: (Ring! Ring!)
Me: Hello?
Telephone: ...
Man: Hello ... may I speak to ...
Me: I'm afraid we don't take courtesy calls on this line. Could you remove this number from your list?
Man: Sure, ... I can do that.
Me: Thank you.
Telephone: (click)

(The pause while they look up your name is key, of course. This has worked four times in a row for me — although there was one guy who was so slow (and who was calling from a busy call center, allowing me to hear other calls in the background) that I said my piece before he (she?) even started to say "Hello," and he just hung up without ever opening his mouth. Which would be perfect, except that I'm not sure if he removed the number from the list or not.)

August 14, 2002 12:04 AM

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