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And they're the ones that laugh at it

New York Times Magazine: You've done both — which is harder, comedy or drama?

Michael Caine: Comedy. The timing is very, very difficult. It's best to do physical comedy, because three-quarters of the world doesn't get verbal comedy.

Addendum: Caine, in the Times, continues by saying, "That's why they like Austin Powers. The audiences are laughing at different things." I happened to catch a part of the "Inside the Actor's Studio" with Mike Meyers (who of course created Austin Powers) last night. And Meyers said, in more or less these words (i.e., these are the ones I wrote down once I located a pen): "Nothing I've done I've thought that anyone would get."

Dang. And this is without even trying to figure out what makes anything funny.

July 21, 2002 10:31 AM


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