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Sanctity? What sanctity?

Candace Bushnell, author of the book that inspired the very successful (and entertaining) HBO series about four single and (more or less) proud of it women in their 30s living in New York City, went and got herself hitched last week.

Bushnell (who is 43) married Charles Askegard, a ballet dancer she met all of eight weeks ago. "I know it's freaky, but this just seems like the natural thing to do," she told the New York Times.

So what does this mean? Does even the most adamantly single person eventually come around, and realize the error of her ways? Is marriage a sacred and incomparable ideal after all?

Not exactly. As Bushnell's friend Nadine Brown told the Times, "I told her every girl should be married at least once."

July 8, 2002 10:30 AM


I like the Sex/City series, but agree with The Simpson's that it's merely a bunch of women acting like a bunch of queeny gay males talking about The Scene.

Personally, i like SixFeet and Malcom in The Middle a lot better, though.


Posted by rob adams on July 9, 2002 11:45 AM

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