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Blind hate

This feature in today's New York Times Magazine, about a charismatic young Palestinian who recruited suicide bombers and planned bombings for Hamas, offers some anecdotal support for President Bush's claim, in his speech last week, that "the hatred of a few holds the hopes of many hostage." The reporter writes:

Later, I met up with a student of marketing and advertising called Ali, and his art professor, who said they felt it was time for the silent dissenters — "And we're not a small faction," Ali said — to speak out against the suicide bombings. "In the past, people thought we should leave the extremists alone," the art professor said. "Now it has changed. We should stop them because they are hurting us." Then he glanced over his shoulders. "I want to shout it, but sometimes I am afraid."

Minority or not, the terrorists will never win — their hatred harms not just those they hate, but, one way or another, the very people they claim as their own.

June 30, 2002 6:19 PM


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