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"The Road from Oslo"

This evening I watched this episode of PBS's "Frontline." It portrays the last 10 years of peace negotiations and conflict between Israel and Palestine, and is undeniably compelling, by turns heartbreaking and enraging. (It was also reviewed in the New York Times, here, and the Baltimore Sun, here.)

The most constant obstacle to peace, from where I sat (watching it), seems to have been Yasir Arafat's inability to make the sacrifices necessary for it to ever happen. (In Madeleine Albright's words, "Arafat has a very hard time seeing himself actually as the president of a country. In his own head he is always the liberation fighter.") But the program concludes with remarks from key players on both sides who still think there will be peace, sooner or later. Who knows.

In any case, watch it, if you get the chance.

June 28, 2002 12:01 AM


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