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Some cool labs

I hiked past the White Mountain Research Station last summer, and I remember thinking the researchers there had it pretty good. But it seems some glaciologists have it even better:

"Most of us like being outdoors," said Dr. Miriam Jackson, a glaciologist for the Norwegian power company who works with Dr. [Neal] Iverson's team. "You have more than your number of keen skiers and keen mountaineers."

But, she added, the discipline does have its desk jockeys who model glaciers on computers and others who collect satellite photos.

"They don't get out very much," she said with a trace of pity.

The team of glaciologists Jackson works with works (and lives, for a time) in an underground lab, under the Svartisen Glacier (pic) in Norway, the New York Times tells us.

[On a personal note, the hike to White Mountain Peak is awesome; and if you climb up on the roof of the lab's summit facility (like this guy did), you can also say you've climbed the tallest building you've ever seen. It's guaranteed to make all your building-climbing friends jealous. And the view's pretty nuts, too.]

May 29, 2002 12:17 PM

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