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A good day

And now, Where'd That Come From Productions proudly presents: Cool, Cooler, Coolest.

  • Cool: Going for a long, puddle-jumping, pants-leg-soaking, boot-muddying, raging-stream-hopping and generally all-around wet, rainy walk through miles of fresh spring greenery after two days of torrential New England rains.
  • Cooler: Encountering a fellow adventurer with a nice smile. Especially if she also has a wet, happy dog.
  • Coolest: Said adventurer offering to share fresh, hot pizza she miraculously produces from out of nowhere, just as you together happen to discover a dry, sheltering stand of trees, a soda fountain, and a map to awesome, magical treasure buried deep in the woods.

Unfortunately, Where'd That Come From Productions regrets to inform you that, well, you just can't have everything, you know.

But it was a good day, anyway.

May 13, 2002 10:42 PM

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