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Oh, the humanity vanity!

From the New York Times, some observations on the "culturally profound differences in the values and self-images" of women in Los Angeles, New York and London. Including:

Tara Reid, the actress, who lives in Los Angeles but visits New York and London, said manicures will reveal a woman's hometown as accurately as her driver's license. "London is definitely way laid-back. ... You are not going to have a manicure there. In New York, it's like you might have a French manicure, but at least you have a manicure, and in Los Angeles, you go totally, totally for color, and have red, super-red nails.

"You always have the manicure-pedicure," she said, running the two words together in the custom of the frequently groomed. "And toes must match the hands. Whatever the season. Or else, just don't leave the house."

Ha! Nail polish, profound! Who knew?

April 16, 2002 10:10 AM

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