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It just gets better and better

Item 1: A former spectacle now degenerated into an unending log of lost jobs, busted companies, and the puerile mockery thereof.

Item 2: writer Damien Cave's August 2001 also puerile mockery thereof. (third item)

Item 3: FuckedCompany's unimaginably witty responses — all 444 of them. In nothing but the most civil of tones, of course.

Item 4: FuckedCompany founder Philip "Pud" Kaplan's new book, F'd Companies: Spectacular Dot-com Flameouts.

And now, Item 5: Damien Cave's scintillating review of the above. An inspired confirmation of Salon's lofty journalistic stature!

One can only imagine what the future may hold!

Update: Indeed, there's more:

Item 6: FuckedCompany responds!

April 10, 2002 4:33 PM

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