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On Israel

I've been struggling to say something about this Israel, Palestine thing — the one with the people killing themselves and each other.

It's bad for people to kill themselves and each other.

But. There seems to be no alternative to killing right now. There are Arabs who want nothing more than to kill Israelis. And no one will stop them, if Israel doesn't. Some people think a peace treaty could stop them. I don't. I don't see how. It would only stop the sane ones.

So, there will be war. There is war. War is something that happens. It lasts until it costs more for one or both sides to continue than to submit. That is, the premise of war is that someone will suffer.

So, they will suffer. What hope is there for it? You wish for a wand to wave — a solution without suffering? You are dreaming.

This sounds defeatist. It isn't. There is hope, but it isn't that Israel or the Palestinians can avoid further suffering; it is that, at the end, there can be something else. This is the dream that matters. This is what Israel, and the world, must fight for.

April 2, 2002 2:04 AM

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Well, I would like to write something very erudite in order to show how strongly I agree. But since your own words are simple and eloquent it would not make my approval any stronger.

I think you are right and courageous to point out that those Palestinians who wish to destroy Israel will not compromise, and will not stop finding ways to kill Jews (in Israel and anywhere else) and that the only consequence of this is war. To avoid war, the Palestinian people would have to root out Hammas. They show no wish to do anny such thing. It might turn out that Israel is unwise to follow its current policy, in that it might not in the end prevail. But that is for Israel to decide, and, as you say, it would create a new and potentially fertile situation for settlement. The only other possible way of avoiding war would be for leaders in the US and Europe to give a guarantee to Israel that the Palestinian attacks will stop. I hear nobody even discussing what Hammas or Arafat has to do. Just Israel. It is simply unrealistic.

Posted by Charlie B on April 7, 2002 9:12 PM

The Jewish Friends of Palestine project offers the largest, and most diverse, collection of links to Jewish organizations and other Jewish voices around the world calling for an to the Occupation and freedom for Palestine. Although jews openly advocating an end to the Occupation do constitute a minority, it is not a small minority nor a fringe element - there are a lot of us out there.

Posted by John S. on December 4, 2002 4:29 PM

Do you realize that there is no Palestine on a map? These people have no home they are forced to live in camps. Why? Because their state was given away by another country. There are suppose to be two seperate states. There aren't. These Palestines have been run out of there homes by the Israelis, fleeing to Syria and Jordan, and living in conditions so horrible you can't even call it ghetto. The Ganza Strip in about 104 sq. miles with a Palestinian population of over a million. The state of Rhode Island is over on thousand sq. miles, there's a visual aid for you. Let us not forget Israel is anything but innocent or just in it's behavoir. They commit countless war crimes againt the Palestine people, and have denied them legitamate national rights. When you read stories of conflict, bombing, and military action in Israel you are reading one sided journalism. Israel is the United States adopted child, of couse everything is painted out to look as if Palestine are horrible selfish monsters. When in reality THEY are the righteous fighters who only want a chance to live and have a place to live, in peace.

Posted by Jenn C on February 25, 2003 4:38 PM

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