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Grim realism

On March 21st, at a coffee-shop in Jerusalem, the unmistakable thud of a bomb is heard. The customers flinch. They have cause to be nervous: only a fortnight before, a suicide-bomber walked into this cafe, but was overpowered by waiters before he could blow himself up. Now there is an iron gate and a burly guard with a metal-detector. The radio broadcasts live coverage from the bomb scene a mile away. But the waiters switch instead to music, and talk of salad dressings and cake toppings. Some customers try to telephone loved ones, but others eagerly fall in with the waiters' charade. "What's the point of phoning my family and friends?" one young woman reasons. "Even if they're all okay this time, they might be hit next time. For that matter, so might I."

From this (currently subscription-only) article in the Economist. (I can email full versions upon request.)

March 31, 2002 1:09 PM


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