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Adventure racer beats cancer

"She was definitely physically affected by it, but mentally, she kicked cancer's butt." Those are the words with which Barry Siff described fellow adventure racer and co-author Liz Caldwell's fight against cancer in this article for the Outdoor Life Network.

In the television coverage of the Discovery Channel World Championship Adventure Race, Caldwell actually said she used competing in that race as an incentive to get through chemotherapy. Whoa. Now that's hardcore — pushing yourself through something as physically draining as chemo so you can be healthy in time to attempt this 260-mile course through the Swiss Alps — in one of the most grueling and intense races mankind has ever invented.

The Vocabula Review recently offered this discussion of famous last words, and I'm inspired to submit some words that might be worthy of such a competitor: "Bring it on."

March 21, 2002 12:39 AM

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