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Escaping good reporting

Danny Hakim, in an article for the New York Times entitled "'Is Anyone Driving a Ford Lately?'", offers a real Bonnie-and-Clyde argument (i.e., one that inevitably ends up with holes in it) as evidence that Ford is in decline: Clyde Barrow would never choose a Ford for his getaway car in this day and age. He writes:

Today, of course, it is hard to imagine which Ford Mr. Barrow or Mr. Dillinger might prefer to use as a getaway car.

The Taurus? Too bland. A Mustang? Not enough space for the arsenal. The Explorer, one of Ford's best-sellers, has plenty of room for Clyde, Bonnie and all their guns, but it has also become the poster S.U.V. for the handling problems such vehicles have in highway driving conditions. A rollover is not a fitting end for a world-class bandit.

So how about an Escort, Mr. Barrow?

Which leaves me with just one question for our ever-so-rhetorical and -witty reporter: Ever heard of the Ford Escape?

March 14, 2002 3:21 PM

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When I blow up Mt. Rushmore -- my solemn vow -- I will make my escape in a Chevy, preferably an early 60s Nova with at least a 350 under the hood. I hope for a high speed chase, as this is intended as something close to my dying act. You can hear a Ford engine, even a big block engine, coming down the street and it sounds, well, gentle. [Note: unfortunately the Nova was an abject failure in Latin American markets as its name means "doesn't run" in Spanish.]

Posted by Les on March 14, 2002 4:03 PM

A common myth, refuted here.

Posted by Jerry Kindall on March 19, 2002 4:29 PM

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