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Andreessen vs. Microsoft

"Everybody should be in a business once in their lives that competes with Microsoft, just for the experience."

— Marc Andreessen in the Economist, which also reports that Andreessen (a co-founder of Netscape and, more recently, of Loudcloud, an Internet services company) deliberately chose a market for his next company in which he wouldn't be competing with Microsoft.

March 13, 2002 10:29 PM

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I believe he did say "once"....ironically, I knew a guy in high school, as you might imagine the class "computer nerd" (which was ahead of the curve in those days of Fortran), who has made a very substantial living by founding successive small companies with "development-stage software" (a kind term for an idea that has been patented) that scares the shit out of Microsoft. He has now sold three of these "companies" to Mr. Gates in stock exchanges, and each time has acquired a Microsoft Vice President title in a Division that "develops" the acquired software. In each case, not one second of subsequent "development" has occurred; Microsoft has no intention of pusuing them, but they are safely on a shelf where competitors can't either. My acquaintance seemed quite happy at our 20-year class reunion with his central role the evolution of information technology.

Posted by Les on March 14, 2002 3:54 PM

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