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How to tell if it's cold

Entering for the first time since morning, one finds oneself abruptly reminded of the consequences of plummeted temperatures and left-open windows: You know it's cold in your room when you don't have to kick the cat off the down comforter.

March 1, 2002 1:11 AM

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Since your entry seems to invite the participation of those who periodically have too much time on their hands, I return the following: Which of these tweo items belong together and which one belongs in the trash bin (not mutually exclusive selections)?



I have seen God in the near glow of a mountain peak.
I have seen God in the continuous roll of the sea.
I have seen God in a flicker of light through the shadow of dark branches.
I have seen God in the full fury of winter storm.

I have seen God in the trust of a childís eyes,
And felt Godís touch in the tips of tiny fingers clutching mine.
I have heard God in a tired voice seeking comfort,
And been loved directly by God through the patience of my wife.

So now that I must believe in God, Iím waiting.
I want to see God in the eyes of a grown man.
I want to see that manís clarity of godly vision inform his actions.
I want to see manís free will forcibly infused with Godís intent.
I want to hear God admit to a flawed experiment.

Being flawless by nature, God will need divine courage to break his own rules;
Be a despot on Earth, just as he cannot be challenged on a soulís destination.
If each tiny man must take responsibility for eternal Heaven or Hell,
Then itís time for God, with all power and wisdom, to suit up and get in the game.

There will be a day when the world is judged as the result of Godís design,
By some even greater power,
Who may turn a deafer ear to Godís pleas of helplessness
Than God has turned to ours.

Les Stickles


I had a dad, big and strong,
I turned around and I found my daddy gone.
He was the one
made me what I am today.
It's up to me now, my daddy has gone away.

If you see my dad, tell him my brothers
Have all gone mad
They're beatin' on each other.

Jane's Addiction ("Nothing's Shocking")


The only thing necessary
For the triumph of evil
Is for good men
To do nothing.

Edmund Burke (quote)

By the way, your post of 2/26 r.e. Charlotte Beers seems to be coming around just a tad toward my previously (less than diligently read and interpreted) posts concerning 9/11 and its cynical exploitation. Regards.

Posted by on March 4, 2002 8:14 PM

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