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In praise of business bullshit

This is complete crap, but damn is it funny! Apparently, a New York Times business writer suggests, this amazing new book (whose author is also interviewed here) will "encourage readers" to "keep learning about how to do [innovation] better" by revealing such brilliant insights as:

  • Enron was innovative company.
  • "There is a really big difference between creativity and illegality."
  • IdeaLab (a technology incubator whose founder now faces a lawsuit filed by investors, and many of whose investments failed miserably) was also an innovative company.
  • Too many executives base their decisions on hard numbers, and overlook the "mushy stuff." (I'm not making this up!)
  • "The need to change is in conflict with the need to stay the same."
  • Many creative people play with ideas and concepts that suddenly blossom.

(I'd say something pithy here, but I seem to have been neglecting my mushy side and I'm afraid my ideas and concepts just aren't blossoming right now. ... )

February 27, 2002 12:40 AM

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