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Department of misinformation

U.S. Defense Department Announces Second Thoughts About "Information Warfare"

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld told the American public that the Pentagon was considering shuttering its Office of "Strategic Influence," which it had recently created to fuck with people's heads.

"We realized that if everyone knows we're fucking with their heads, it's not nearly as much fun," Rumsfeld said. "We therefore deny that we are going to fuck with anyone's head."

[Editor's note: Rumsfeld did in fact say that public knowledge of the purpose of the office in question had threatened its credibility (and, therefore, its likely effectiveness). He also said, "this department is not in the business of misinforming people." It would appear that it's not in the business of informing people, either.

[Update: Rumsfeld has "disbanded" the Office of Strategic Influence, the New York Times now reports. The reason Rumsfeld gives? "The office has clearly been so damaged that it is pretty clear to me that it could not function effectively. So it is being closed down." ]

February 25, 2002 2:00 PM


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