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Parking is an art

Why, you ask, would anyone ever bother to read a review of a 213-page book about parking in New York City?

Well, I'll tell you. One, because it's by Calvin Trillin (the book, that is; I forget who wrote the review, but you can check for yourself if you're that interested), who's someone I've heard of. Shocking, I know. Two, because one reviewer calls it "The Moby Dick of the parking genre." (This I take to mean that you'd be far smarter to read the review than the book. In any case, that was my strategy.) And, three, because the review, which details — at length — Trillin's extensive interest in parking in New York City, includes the following passage:

Through experience, [Trillin] has become an expert on hydrants, parking the required distance away. Asked if he carried a tape measure with him, he flared up at the thought. "What do you think I am?" he said. "A fanatic?"

Needless to say, having read this, no, you needn't bother reading the review any longer (unless of course you're still wondering who its author is).

February 14, 2002 12:03 AM

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