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World gone white

You can still see the tree trunks, dark, but interrupted by snow-covered branches, reaching up into the swirling snow. They remind me that the forest is still there, for 50 feet at least.

Otherwise, the world's gone white. still insists less than an inch of it will accumulate here, but already we've got four, and the air's so thick you could swim in it, if it weren't so steadily falling down.

I'd planned to go to see a good friend today, an hour's drive away. But the rest of the world, I have no doubt, has been washed out, or, perhaps, flown away, on white wings, to airy palaces with glass breezeways to walk under.

And I'm still here, and glad for it. I will go and walk, alone, through the thick air and between the tree trunks, and see where I don't end up.

January 13, 2002 10:40 AM


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