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Ah, New Year's. It's accidental, but I actually like the fact that I'm so late to post anything about it. It's been a crazy fortnight, what with 11-year-old twin cousins and learning how to ice skate and celebrating New Year's Eve and driving up to New Hampshire to see an old friend visiting the Right Coast from Palo Alto.

I must've driven some 700 miles in the past seven days, too (to destinations in Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire). So much running around often makes me long for more continuity of sameness of place (as it were), but while I'm quite tired of all the driving (it's tedious stuff, really, even when you get to cruise around at 80 mph and pass lots of lame-os), I don't feel much invested in any place right now. I guess all that matters to me is what I'm doing with myself, and where I do it is only relevant to the extent that it aids or impedes in the actual doing. Which sounds strange but makes sense, I think. I do wish I were working harder, though.

Anyway, I wanted to say, I don't really get this whole New Year's thing. Sure, everyone loves an excuse for a party, but then there's this whole resolution thing. What's up with that? If you want to live your life a certain way, what are you doing waiting around til New Year's to start? And if you don't, why kid yourself about some lame resolution you're never going to keep anyway?

I mean, if you have resolve, you don't need resolutions, do you?

January 3, 2002 6:35 PM

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