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My name in lights

Nothing much struck me today, but yesterday was the day of the first ever, unprecipitated, outside reference to this site. (Thanks, Jay.) And, in honor of the occasion, I've finally created a links page.

I did get a letter today from the IRS in response to my fax to them in response to their letter saying I had underpaid my taxes in 1999. Apparently the San Francisco Business Times said it had paid me the $2200 in later-to-be-cancelled checks they mistakenly sent to my old address, after I moved from north Oakland to SF. Since they sent my 1099 there, too, I didn't find out until this past October, literally the day before I moved back East. Whammo.

So now I gotta get them to give me a revised 1099, or else I will have to pay $700 in tax for wages I never earned. Did I mention the SFBT switched its payroll computer system in the fall of that year? And that the business manager who knows about the cancelled checks left soon after? And that the current business manager, like all the ones before her, is seriously overworked, and hardly likely to have the 3-4 hours it will take to help me with my situation (which isn't her fault)? Boy will it be fun straightening this one out.

Anyway I went for an awesome walk in the forest this afternoon. Good, heavy fog looks really cool between bare trees. And it was muddy enough to require wearing hiking boots, and I really like wearing hiking boots.

Anyway I thought I'd post something completely uninteresting today.

December 13, 2001 8:07 PM

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Uninteresting? This is great!

Posted by Wendy on December 19, 2001 1:57 PM

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