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Blue and green

[I added the beginning of another story to the Fictions area today.]

Clicking around in A List Apart the other day I rediscovered Wayne Bremser's article on the evolution of commercial web design — Being Jakob Nielsen: The Story of the Blue and the Green.

When I first read the piece, maybe two years ago, I didn't know what ALA was, and only a little about Nielsen; I had worked with Wayne for some months (at Hungry Minds), however, and was curious about where he had come from.

What a strange world. The article (Wayne's) is good for a laugh (and, in these troubled times, a groan or two), and I won't ruin the kicker for you here but to say, Wayne makes some pretty troubling observations about the uniformity of "cutting edge" web design. And it was really funny to me to realize, Wait a second, blue and green? Those are the colors (such as they are) of my bleeping website! Dangnabbit, what am I supposed to do now?

I know — I need a swoosh for my logo!

December 10, 2001 4:08 PM

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