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My last SF mag

(Someone called me crazy. (Sort of.))

I got my last copy of San Francisco magazine in the mail today. A funny reminder of a place I'm not at anymore, and an investment in it I no longer have. The magazine used to be a sort of luxury, all these stories about wealth and celebrity and "high culture" I didn't really care much about but was sent in return for my donation to KQED, and which I somehow found entertaining. But not anymore.

So it's strange, but I was more interested in the some things about the place simply because I lived there. Everyone does this, of course, but it doesn't make all that much sense. (I'm not talking about caring about those things that affect your life somehow — there's good reason to care about them.) I mean, the lifestyles of haughty-taughty San Franciscans I was never going to meet are really nothing if not tedious, and yet I read about them, and happily so, if only because so many of the incidentals were casually familiar. Ah, hell, I guess I'm human, too.

Which reminds me, I couldn't help but notice that next month's edition will have a piece on "How to Meet Good People" — which the magazine says will be "an indispensible guide to making important, lasting, and meaningful connections." Man, indispensible guides are hard to live without; I really should renew my subscription....

December 6, 2001 9:51 PM


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