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Let's have a drink

New Yorkers are drinking more. The New York Times reports that some bars sold as much as 25 percent more this past month than they did in November 2000; apparently, while fewer people are dining out since Sept. 11, more are going out for liquor, and they're drinking more than they did.

Maybe something good will come of it, though. Drinking sure seemed to keep the generation of post-WWI American artists and writers going. ("Let's have a drink" is, perhaps, my favorite Hemingway quote.) And New York's economy sure does need some strength in some market, somewhere.

Now if only the beverage companies will pick up their advertising campaigns, resurrect the media industries, and help me find a job. ... I'd drink to that!

December 5, 2001 5:04 PM


america drinks because we are a society that doesn't know death well enough. now that it is among us, we need a friendly and reassuring escape.

Posted by L. on December 7, 2001 1:09 PM

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