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Isn't everyone's grandpa on Amazon?

Searching Amazon on a whim, I discovered that it lists three books under my grandfather's name (spelled with a couple typos in it, of course — my grandfather was one Arpad Mezei). They're all out of print, to be sure, and in Hungarian, with no information about them provided whatsoever, but there they are.

It's strange to find them there. It means nothing (it's not like it's news to me that he had a number of books published, and in fact two of the more significant books he wrote, both with a Frenchman named Marcel Jean (who's omitted from the Amazon pantheon entirely) and both somewhat important books on Surrealism when they first came out, aren't listed), but, I guess since Amazon is such a large and familiar entity to me today, it seems somehow significant.

In the end I suppose it's just one of those "neat" things you discover. You tell it to a bunch of people you know, and they say, "Wow, that's neat." And it becomes one of those tidy chunks of information you can bandy about, when you want to tell someone about something but decide to take the easy way out....

Hey, did I tell you my grandfather is described as a critical influence on the career of the modern Hungarian artist Csontvary? Yeah, the Hungarians consider him perhaps their greatest artist of the 20th century. Neat, huh?

December 4, 2001 12:26 AM


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