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Other sites of note

Here are some sites that I often find rewarding, accompanied by brief descriptions.'s top 25 emailed articles
This page turns up more than its share of gems.

The Economist
I read it in print, but can't not mention it here.

The New Yorker
My other weekly habit.

Google News
Four thousand sources can't all be wrong.

Yahoo most emailed content
It's fascinating what people sometimes share with their friends — in the U.S. and elsewhere.

New York Times Navigator
A collection of links to invaluable resources.
Smart takes on newsworthy stuff.
Um, yeah. Well, it still exists, even if it's not quite the same.

Often agonizing but, during certain moments, the best place on the web.

Boing Boing
Interesting and unusual stuff.

Jim Romenesko's Media News
Mr. Romenesko digs up some good stuff. And his Obscure Store inevitably entertains.

Talking Points Memo
Joshua Micah Marshall's savvy political analysis.

Arts & Letters Daily
Good for the occasional provocative article or essay.
I hate academia, but I can't resist it. Know what I mean?

This guy can write.

The Morning News
Some good writing, and some news to boot.

Some good writing here, too.

Even more good writing.

0 format
Yet more writing, also good.

Follow Me Here
Some smart stuff.

wood s lot
Some more smart stuff.

Slashdot made bearable.

Some people here are smart, too.

Izzle Pfaff
Read it now so later you can say, "I knew him when ... ".
Says he's a mathematician, but hasn't proved it. Quit before he was 40!

Yet more smart stuff.

Little Kids Rock
This excellent organization provides elementary school children with free musical instruments and lessons on any kind of music they want.


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