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Some questions, with answers:

Do you need a job?
Funny you should ask. Yes, I do, I'd really like to have a job, with good money and good people and everything. If you need someone to write or edit or manage web content, look no further. No, really, stop looking. Please. I'm right here.

Do you write all this yourself?
Uh huh. Except the stuff other people write.

Two reasons, really: I want to write down some things that are interesting; and I want to learn how to write them well.

What do you mean, "learn how to write"?
Well, I've never really done this kind of stuff before.

Why publish it, then?
To trick myself into actually doing it! Otherwise, I'd never bother.

So this is all some diabolical plot to subject innocent mortals to your crude, insufferable ramblings, just to encourage yourself to write more of them?
Basically, yes.

How's that working out for you?
Surprisingly well, thank you. Especially now that my mom thinks she knows what I do all day.

How do you write the name of this site?
Any way you like. I usually don't capitalize it, and the only time I use the colon is in the logo and the <title />. I don't know why.

What do you use to design and edit the pages on this site?
I figured out just enough Photoshop to create the logo, and did the rest in BBEdit. When I started I knew very little about coding (and I still don't know Photoshop), so I sketched some designs on paper and figured out how to code them in HTML and CSS. I went with the only design that was any good. (I think.) Movable Type powers the front page and archive, and I do everything else by hand.

What's up with the free editing deal?
It's something I'm good at, and sometimes words are important. So I figure it's something I can contribute, to give something back, as it were. And if I happen to meet some cool people or maybe even get a job in the bargain, then it's even better.

Do you like ice cream?

What's your favorite curse word?

Why don't you have any personality-test results or wishlists or pictures of your cat on your site?
I don't have a cat.

What about a personality?
Ouch. I guess it's not the type that thinks too much of those tests.

What's your take on weblogs?
Now there's a loaded question.

Well, is this one?
Sort of. Most bloggers seem to define their scope the way a hobbyist does — if it has anything to do with their subject, they're interested in it. And their subject tends to be either the web itself, design, or their own lives (though of course there are many blogs devoted to other subjects).

I don't really have a subject in mind for this site, however; some things strike me as being worth writing about, and I try and do just that. But if I don't think I have anything interesting to say about a thing, I probably won't mention it (or link to it). So I guess the front page is more like a collection of my thoughts on some things, with some updates about the site itself thrown in.

Do you have a tip jar?
No. But if you want to make some sort of donation to support my efforts, I heartily encourage you to buy yourself any of the books or other works I describe here. ( will give me 5-15 percent of the purchase price, and I heartily recommend every item on there.) Thank you for asking!

Why do you link to the New York Times so much?
I read it in print, and sometimes think something in it is interesting. Also, the links don't rot.

Why not read it on the web?
It's harder to read off a screen, somehow — and I actually find it easier to think about stuff I read on paper.

What about your own writing?
Funny you should ask. It's definitely easier to edit stuff on paper. But everything I write for this site, I edit on screen.

Ah, that explains it.
Explains what?

Why it's all such, uh ... well, let's face it, you're no Shakespeare.
Heh. You don't know the half of it.

Don't you have any friends?
Someone once actually asked me just that, in high school. I still think that's funny....

What about a girlfriend?
Now that's a serious question. No, alas.

Why's that a serious question?
OK, you got me. It's not, it's a shameful, shameful trick for turning my entire website into one big, blue and green personals ad, and lament how no one loves me, and make a mockery of the whole thing, all at the same time.

Do you think that's funny?
Only in a sad, sad way.

You need a cat.
Or a dog. Yes.

Has anyone ever actually asked you these questions?
Just the one about if I had any friends.

So why'd you create this page?
Why not?


Copyright ©2002 Matt Pfeffer


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